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How to Style Floating Shelves | Interior Design Tips by G …

4. Lay out the shelves in different sizes. When I decorate my floating shelves, I put the larger items on the ends. I like having at least one or two pieces that lean against the wall and those are typically the ones that I put on my ends. I tend to keep one color consistent throughout my decor and then add in smaller pops of color.

11 Inspiring Ways to Style Your Floating Shelves – Apartment Therapy

1. Juxtapose 2. Focal Point 3. Backlit Bar 4. Color Coordinated Bookshelf 5. Go for Extremes 6. Clean and White with a Pop of Color 7.

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When your styling floating shelves, it’s important to remember these tips: Pick a color theme. You can probably tell I love neutrals and you’re right. I have pops of color throughout our house, but for my office I wanted clean and neutral colors. Mix shapes and sizes.

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Distract From the TV Display a Book Collection Bridge the Gap Add Laundry Room Storage Try a Bath Hack Show Off Statement Pieces Build a…

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How to Style Shelves in 7 Simple Steps– this post makes shelf styling so simple! … Take my floating shelves, for example.

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We found nine unique ideas for hanging floating shelves in your house.

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10 No Fail Rules for Styling Small Floating Shelves 2. Stick to a Color Concept 3. Vary the Height and Line of Items 4. Layer Items 5.

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When styling these shelves, we suggest putting the more regularly used items on … These floating shelves can be purchased at a home-improvement store or…

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How to Hang Floating Shelves … Floating shelves provide storage and display space without cumbersome brackets or braces that might distract from…