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How to Measure Fabric for Curtains – wikiHow

To measure fabric for curtains, start by measuring the width and height of your window. If you want floor length curtains, measure from the bottom of the window…

How To Measure Fabric For Curtains? In 3 Easy Steps! – Krostrade

Steps To Measure Fabric For Curtains Step #1. How you would want the width. The first thing you should do is think of how wide you want your curtain to be. Step #2. Measure the length. Upon measuring the curtain fabric’s length, you should start up on the rod of your curtain. Step #3. The heading. …

How to Measure Curtains – The Home Depot

For curtains and drapery, you will need to measure the panel width. If you want your curtains to close and cover the entire window: Measure the width of your window. Add 12 inches to each side, 24 inches total. Take the total number (width plus the number you added to each side) and divide that number by how many drapery panels you want in the window.

Calculate Fabric Needed to Sew Simple Panel Curtains

To calculate how much fabric is needed to make curtains, you must measure the window, consider fabric shrinkage, sun exposure, and matching…

Window Curtains – Fabric Calculator by Sailrite

Sailrite’s Fabric Calculator provides custom estimates for window curtain fabric. Enter the dimensions of your window and receive a custom fabric yardage…

Drapery Yardage Calculator – Best Fabric Store

To figure yardage for basic drapery panels, you will need the cut length (finished length + allowance for your desired hem and rod pocket size NOTE: Our…
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How to Calculate the Amount of Fabric for Curtains | Hunker

Add 6 inches to your finished curtain length; each panel thus needs 90 inches of fabric length, for a total of 180 inches for both panels. Divide by 36 to get…

How Much Fabric For Curtains Do I Need? (Width, Pleats, Rod)

Next, you double the width measurement so if your window is 36 inches wide you go to…

Yardage Calculator-Drapes

Yardage Fabric Calculator-Drapes. For Standard Width Panels: Finished length of curtains + 16 inches divided by 36 = number of yards required.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for Curtains? [Fabric Calculator]

Measure the length and width of the window, making sure to allow for an overhang to cover the wall edge. Multiply this by the number of panels needed. Allow…

How to Measure for Curtains

Example: If your window measures 36″ wide (window width x 2 = 72″), you need curtains that will give a minimum width of 72″ or 2 panels for that window.

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